Monday, June 25, 2007 

the return of the missing blogger

SURPRISE! I’m back! I know…it’s been awhile…at least since I fractured my arm by falling off a chair. I hope you haven’t been too worried about me though. My arm has healed nicely and, aside from the occasional aching in damp weather, it’s good as new!

I could waste your time with excuse after excuse about how I’ve been SO busy. Too busy, in fact, to keep my blog updated. Or how I don’t have Internet access at work like most of my friends so I’ve fallen out of touch with the blogger world. Or how I don’t spend much time at home these days to sit down and write about my life adventures. Let’s just skip all that and get right to the point…

I recently had a friend ask me why chose to live in Oklahoma over Portland and why I no longer have a desire to move back up there (at least for now). It’s a hard question to answer really. I love the northwest and will always consider it my home. I like the weather, the range of outdoor activities, and the cool areas of town to shop and try out new restaurants. The list could go on and on. I do not like the weather in Oklahoma, there is not a wide range of outdoor activities available, and there are not as many cool areas of town with unique shops and restaurants. However, this is where I have made my home the last several years. As much as I’ve complained about it, it really has grown on me. I am always on the lookout though for new and exciting things to do here. And I think I may have stumbled upon an unexpectedly entertaining new activity here in OKC. What is it you ask…ROLLER DERBY!

I cannot begin to describe to you everything I experienced at the roller derby. It was a completely entertaining and humorous evening. We decided to go not really knowing what to expect. We weren’t that thrilled about the price of admission but it ended up being worth it. The fans were probably the most enjoyable part of it all. It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a sporting activity with such excitable fans. I mean, these people were dressed up. Not just in team t-shirts but actually dressed up in costume almost. The team members themselves were dressed up as well. The roller derby, I found out, can be quite physical…there was always someone falling or being pushed or tripped. It was actually exciting to watch the teams skate around in a circle (almost as exciting as watching NASCAR cars drive around in circles). We found ourselves choosing a favorite team, cheering them on, and buying a team shirt before the night was over. Everyone mark your calendars for July 28th…the championship! Haha.

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