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Saturday, December 06, 2008 


I think Vienna was my favorite part of the whole trip! This is where things started to slow down a bit. We were on power tours of Paris and Warsaw since we didn't have much time there but we had several days in Vienna so we were able to slow our pace down and relax a bit. The city is beautiful, I understood the public transportation system (which is way more than I can say about Paris), and the Christmas markets were open...just a few reasons why I enjoyed my time in Vienna.

This is one of the Christmas markets we went to. The castle in the background has been turned into an advent calendar. It was cool!

There were Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. I loved walking around because every street was lined with a different type of decoration.

This is Schonbrunn Palace where Jason proposed. Yes, if you haven't heard already, we're getting married!

Last Saturday we went to an SK Rapid Wien soccer game. It was so much fun...way more exciting than any soccer game I've ever been to here!

Vienna was the last stop on our trip and we were not ready to come back home. We had a great time and I can't wait to travel overseas again!

Congratulations!! I hope there is a longer post and more pics of this occassion!!

I found Paris' public transportation really difficult to navigate myself. That's why we ended up walking miles in the opposite direction many times to get on/off at one specific location, lol. Or just walking the entire thing. Either was easier than trying to navigate their subway and stuff.

Hey chica! I am here to inform you that it has now been a month since you last posted and it is also a new year. Plus, I'm sure you have more pictures from your trip and other happenings to share about. ;)

Love you friend!!!

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