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Sunday, November 23, 2008 


Well, it's been an exciting trip so far! The fun started in Oklahoma City...we saw Barry Switzer at the airport and BJ Novak was on our flight to Atlanta. Okay so I didn't walk up to him and ask if that's who he was but he looked way to much like him for it to be a coincidence. I couldn't stop watching him in the airport because he was sitting at our gate. I wanted to take a picture of him from where I was sitting but that may have come across as a little weird and creepy. haha. But how often do you see celebrities in the OKC airport?

As you can imagine, I already have lots of stories to share about the things we've done and seen in Europe so far. But I don't have a ton of time to sit and write them down right now (the trip is only half over so I have more exciting things to do than sit on the internet) so I will just share a few pictures with you.

The Louvre

Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

Moulin Rouge

(They were doing some kind of renovation on it so we couldn't get a great picture)

We walked all over Paris the first day we were there. Seriously, we walked from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. As if we weren't tired enough by that time, we walked up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower too. We actually thought we bought tickets to take the elevator thing to the top. But once we got inside the gate we realized that we had just purchased tickets to walk up. I can't believe you have to pay to walk up the stairs!! They should have paid us to do that since we had to do all the work...haha. We took a ton of pictures and saw as much as we could in the time we were there.

We still have a lot more walking to do around Warsaw & Vienna.

Paris is so great! You saw so much more than me. I'm jealous.
I can't believe you walked up the stairs to the E. Tower. Good grief.
Sounds like you are doing alot of walking, good thing you bought the new shoes. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

Thanks for blogging about your trip - keep it up. It will at least save you time from having to tell me about it.

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