Thursday, December 14, 2006 

"M" Day

That stands for “moving” day. This weekend my agenda has only one task. MOVE! The time has come for me to leave the great city of Edmond, Oklahoma and move a few miles south to Oklahoma City.

I have lived in a house in Edmond for three years now. I have also lived with the roommates for that same amount of time. Contrary to rumors I have heard, nothing bad happened to make me decide to move. There was no falling out between the roommates and I. It’s simply time for a change. So this post is dedicated to the roommates: Jamie & Lindsy. I know you won’t miss me too much…just try and remember to lock the doors at night and turn off the oven and the stove before you leave the house. I won’t be there to double check that for you anymore. Haha.

Here are a few of my favorite memories…

- The time when Lindsy was making fun of us for being stupid and then she fell backwards off her chair.

- The time when we all three signed up to run a 5-mile race and Jamie promised to walk with me but dropped out at the last minute. I did my best to run it with Lindsy. Then she and I went to a movie later that day and I couldn’t move my legs after the movie was over.

- Roommate sushi night!

- Cooking classes at Francis Tuttle. The instructors little daughter sat next to us and Lindsy had to entertain her the whole time. I won’t even tell you what subject the two of them got on but it was really funny…and informative.

- The Olympic Wine Party. When Jamie and I heard Lindsy would be out of town we planned a big party. Haha. She missed out. But she was in Italy so I’m sure she got the better end of the deal.

- Watching three hours of crime drama TV shows with Lindsy and then being too scared to go to sleep that night.

So here’s to the roommates. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around.

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