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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 


We had a lot of fun in Warsaw! It was snowing when our plane landed and was really cold the whole time we were there. The snow was beautiful though and we just layered a lot to stay warm. I got to try some traditional Polish food during our stay but we mostly ate out at American restaurants. Yes, I actually went all the way to Poland and then ate at McDonald's and KFC both of which are places I don't even like to eat at when I'm home in Oklahoma. The Polish food I tried was delicious and the McD's and KFC...well, those two weren't my ideas. Here are a few pictures we took in Warsaw...

Old Towne

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Palace of Culture

This is a park that we walked through while doing some site seeing. I thought the snow was pretty. The ground was a little slick but I made it all the way through without falling (if you know me at all you should be very impressed by that. haha)

Jason and I at the train station getting ready to head to Vienna

We took a lot more pictures than this but I'm having trouble uploading any more of them to blogger. We had a lot of fun site seeing and visiting with the people at the church. They were kind enough to prepare a turkey dinner for us on Sunday in honor of our Thanksgiving holiday.

We also bought some souvenirs (some of which we had to ship home). Going to the post office in Warsaw was an adventure in and of itself. Nobody there spoke English so we had some trouble purchasing things like bubble wrap. I'm hoping our packages make it to their destination...but there's really no way to know if we even filled out the forms correctly. So, Mom & Laura...if your Christmas presents don't make it to you that's probably why.

My best friend & I went to visit some friends in Slovakia about four years ago now, and one of them decided we HAD to be missing American food (we weren't), so she planned a special trip to Pizza Hut for us. Only, her English wasn't that great, and our Slovak was beyond dismal (hello, goodbye, thank you, please, good morning, new bridge, etc.), so we had no idea what we were getting. Our pizza ended up having baby corn, brussel sprouts and anchioves on it. BLECH! I'm all about ethnic food when I'm in a different country if at all possible - and that experience only confirmed why!

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